Enterprise management system 

Revolutionizing medium to large enterprises in Malaysia

ERP integrated with the social network seamlessly to build an enterprise collaboration space

Kingdee EAS is integrated with the social network “Cloud Home” seamlessly to build an enterprise social workspace so that you can easily realize real-time communication and interaction of business.
Process-based communication: ERP business information anytime@business handler, implementing timely communication.
Group collaboration: ERP business information is quickly shared among business groups to realize efficient collaboration.
Short email alarm: Key ERP information is sent via short emails automatically to remind users, realizing smart alarm.

Mobile application based on smart terminals to build a brand-new work mode

Kingdee EAS combines ERP with mobile technologies to process ERP business anytime and anywhere through terminals such as smartphones and tablet PCs, enable corporate managers and employees to break through restrictions of time and space, and implement efficient and accurate communication, timely business processing, and agile decision-making control.

From decentralization to centralization and sharing, creating a group sharing service center

Targeting at the management trend from decentralization to centralization and sharing, Kingdee EAS V7.5 provides applications such as centralized business processing center and sharing service portal to realize centralized processing and self-service sharing of finance, HR and other businesses. You can easily batch handle businesses and improve the group enterprise management and control level.

Preset intelligent analysis model to quickly probe into decision-making information

Kingdee EAS V7.5 is closely integrated with the EAS role portal through Kingdee KBI. Various analysis models are preset so that you can easily perform configuration according to personalized requirements of the enterprise, quickly probe into conditions such as finance and HR of the group and subordinate companies, and support efficient decision-making of the enterprise.

Comprehensive budget management to implement integrated planning and budgeting

Based on the comprehensive budget concept, Kingdee EAS V7.5 centers on strengthening all-staff budgeting and full-process budget management, provides a Web budget management platform, and reinforces all-staff budget collaboration. It implements the closed management loop of “strategy-business plan-budget management-execution” in the enterprise through comprehensive integration with the business plan and rolling budget.

Center on the position system to build a strategic HR management framework

By reconstructing the position system, Kingdee EAS enables the enterprise to combine strategic objectives, clearly know work responsibilities, ability requirements and work value evaluation, design the HR policy, personnel, payroll, performance, recruitment and training based on the job title system, and clarify the personnel composition and its matched manpower management system.

Integrated with the cloud computing technology to guarantee large-scale and highly reliable applications

Kingdee EAS V7.5 adopts the cloud computing technology, network acceleration technology, and memory cache technology and greatly improves the system performance and stability and guarantees large-scale and highly reliable applications of group enterprises through the cloud computing platform, KingPower application accelerator, EAS operation and maintenance platform, and deep optimization for key businesses.

All-round open extension platform, ensuring customization as required and comprehensive integration

Kingdee EAS V7.5 provides all-round extension platforms such as the DEP dynamic extension platform, BOS development platform, and integration platform so that you can implement simple and fast customization, completely personalized development and heterogeneous system integration and support customization as required and comprehensive integration of the enterprise.