Kingdee K/3 ERP Software

K/3 ERP, the best cross-border, multilingual ERP system, is ideal for fast-developing Singapore local and multinational companies with a footprint in both Overseas and Mainland China.

K/3 ERP provides you with a single, consolidated and timely view of our business, helps you to meet Chinese complex legal and statutory requirements.

This is the major breakthrough for you. With Kingdee, you can make faster decisions and get a tighter grip on management control, and penetrate into Chinese market easier and faster.

Gain new market insights and adapt quickly to market changes. Sense and respond to customer requirements in real time.

Be local as you go global. Take your organization to next level of growth. That’s the power of Kingdee K/3.

With a footprint in both Overseas and Mainland China, you need to implement ERP to unify business operations in Asia Pacific, and globally.

The ability to work as a total entity and manage dollars, materials, people and information, are now critical.

But China has such complex legal and statutory requirements that transplanting ‘western’ systems cannot suffice.

K3 ERP System Cross-Border

K/3 ERP solution is a cross-border, multilingual ERP system, enhanced by business performance management (BPM) core and industry-specific feature and best practices based on 16 years Kingdee experience.

With its development firmly rooted in China, K/3 transcends these issues, particularly in terms of accounting practices, taxation and legal systems.

K/3 ERP solution comprises six software suites including Finance, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Human Resources, CRM, BOS and All of the modules can be configured and implemented rapidly for rapid results.

They include pre-set reports that have been fully endorsed and approved by the PRC government, and fully support international standards and multilingual user interfaces including English, simplified and traditional Chinese.

The software’s support for multilingual conversion, enables people in different geographies to communicate effectively, and underscores the product’s global fit.

The system is intuitively designed so end users can be trained quickly and cost-effectively

K/3 ERP provides you with strategic insight, ability to differentiate, increased productivity, and the flexibility you need to succeed, enables you to reduce total cost, achieve a faster return on investment, and benefit from a more flexible IT infrastructure that helps drive innovation, generate value and lead at the speed of growth.

It combines the most complete, scalable, and effective software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) with Kingdee BOS (Business Operation System) platform, a flexible and open technology platform that can leverage and integrate Kingdee and non-Kingdee systems, and be easy to customize for organizations of any size, in any industry and any level of growth.

Additionally, K/3 ERP fits for your size and budget –while offering unlimited scalability for tomorrow.

Kingdee K/3 ERP, with its unparalleled features is your ideal weapon to penetrate into China market!

Kingdee, a reliable Chinese partner you can choose with confidence!

Top 10 Reasons to Utilize Kingdee K/3 to Manage Your Operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China

  1. 100% Match with the Local Statutory and Accounting Requirement in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China
  2. Pre-Built Financial Reports are Fully Endorsed and Approved by the PRC Government
  3. Fully Support International Standard and Multilingual User Interface including English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  4. Seamless Integrated with International Accounting, ERP, CRM and SCM Systems
  5. Richest Functionality at the Most Reasonable Price (High ROI and Low TCO)
  6. Professional Consultants to understand your business requirement.
  7. Well-Proven Solutions in Major Industries with a Large Customer Base in China and Hong Kong
  8. Served by a Team with both International and Local Talents and Experience
  9. Strongest Research & Development and Technical Support in Singapore, China and Hong Kong (800 R&D staff)
  10. Well-Integrated Component-Based Architecture for ERP, CRM, KM and BI Products

K/3 Overview: Finance, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Human Resources

Kingdee K/3 ERP System Demo

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Our experience consultants will find out your business needs and offer you a sneak peek into how our solutions will greatly benefit your business operations.

Finance and SCM Module:

• General Ledger & Financial Reports
Full Audit Trail.
• Finance Consolidation
Sales Price Management
• Sales Credit Management
Purchase Requirement Management
• Execution of Purchase / Sales Order
Inventory Valuation
• Stock Management / Movement
System Business Alert setting

Manufacturing Module:

• Creation of Manufacturing Order via SO.
Multi-level Bill of Materials
• Manufacturing Costing Report
• Shop Floor control / Routing process
Quality Control