Cloud Accounting Software In Malaysia

Beginnings Of A New Era

Cloud accounting software programs have taken the world by storm, and the industries in Malaysia are no different. The software features are designed to bring easy access, accuracy and smooth workflow into the work operations without any issues.

Kingdee – The right software in Malaysia

Cloud accounting software in Malaysia has experienced an evolution just like everywhere else, as more sophisticated featured programs have been introduced, making systems more efficient and performance tenfold.

The K/3 Cloud accounting software is designed to accommodate all business needs and offer effective business solutions to suit the volatile industry needs of any segment. Some of the most rewarding and performance driven features of the Kingdee suite include, different K/3 designs, designed to accommodate to varying needs.

Open K/3 ERP Solution

It involves a multi accounting and dynamically designed system, with a process design model, which offers the enterprise management software with an open management platform feature. The four critical elements that offer an enterprise the opportunity to benefit from an open information system information platform are,

  • Multi end support feature
  • SOA
  • B/S
  • Cross database support

The resultant platform based enterprise offers a complete ecological circle of services for all ERP partners.

Standard K/3 Erp Clouding

Standard management mode, standard business modeling and standard business architecture are three component features of the ERP clouding system.

The standard management mode offers a complete set of best management practices of around 1 million customers,

The standard business architecture includes the application framework of multiple locations, accounting standards, organizations, currencies and tax systems,

The standard business modeling includes 28 standard ERP models, 12,167 model elements property combinations with 624 model elements and 126 business service elemental components.