ERP Systems in Malaysia

Taking Efficiency to Another Level 

Enterprise Resource planning systems have been upgraded into highly sophisticated tools which are fast changing the face of industries all over the world. The Malaysian economy is not far behind in this initiative and is all set to improve system performances through integration of highly sophisticated and result driven programs.

When we talk about sophisticated ERP systems, a refined tool like Kingdee has so much to offer to boost process efficiency.

What Is Kingdee? 

The K/3 or Kingdee is a very comprehensive and mature ERP system, which helps to deliver efficient solutions to all applications that range from human resource issues, financial accounting concerns, supply chain management processes for trading purposes, and cost to production management systems for a variety of manufacturing companies. The K/3 system comprises of modules which are fully integrated on a functional level, and can be suitably chosen independently for taking care of a variety of application purposes.

Benefits of K/3 ERP System

This software offers a wide range of benefits to the user, which include advantages like the following
  • Overseas Compliance

    The software has been designed to help handle processes which are fully compliant with the laws and regulations defined in a country. Any business which wants to conduct business overseas, especially with China will find that the sophisticated system is already tuned in accordance with all the statutory requirements and rules of the country. This means that doing business with China or within China would not be a problem for someone using K/3 for aligning their ERP system processes.
    Faster decisions, more control over management and deeper penetration into Chinese markets is made easier and more efficient than ever with the Kingdee.
  • Multilingual System Support

    A cross border and multilingual system, the performance of Kingdee is enhanced by the BPM, Business Performance Management, along with the industry wide practices and the extensive experience harbored by 16 years of the K/3 system tool.

    The system has a multilingual interface which ensures data usage in English along with traditional and simplified Chinese. This multilingual conversion feature helps people across different geographical borders to communicate and manage business processes efficiently. The design of the system helps to train the users quickly and in a cost effective manner.

  • GST Compliance Malaysia

    The system is fully compliant according to the GST regulations in Malaysia, which outlines why the ERP system tools are fast becoming popular within the country. All business related processes are managed efficiently while being in full compliance with the defined process regulations of the country.

The Top 10 Benefits of Kingdee

  • The top reasons to integrate Kingdee as an ERP system in Malaysia and the different advantages it offers include
  • 100% compliance with the Local Statutory and Accounting Requirement, as outlined by the Singaporean, Malaysian, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese governments.
  • Seamless system integration with international accounting, CRM, ECP and SCM systems.
  • High ROI and low possible TCO rates
  • Support for multilingual and standard international user interface
  • Proven solutions in a wide range of industries
  • Intuitively designed so that your staff can be trained quickly and cost-effectively
  • 800-men strong research and development team with high end technical support
  • Availability of professional consultants to help understand the different business requirements
  • System operated by a team of professionals, having both local talent and an international experience
  • Strongly implemented and integrated component based architectural support for KM, ERP, BI and CRM products.

Why Use ERP Systems?

The question that comes to mind is why do businesses in Malaysia need to adopt ERP system processes?
All businesses and enterprises, which do not have integrated ERP systems, have to face a number of issues on a regular basis. These include issues like
  • Problems in trying to manage the business and workflow systems, along with the taxation requirements within different countries. The Kingdee system is in full sync and easily localized for use within Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and the SG regions.
  • Trying to manually consolidate the variety of financial reports within the different countries.
  • Difficulty in keeping track of the actual real time status of the sales and stock orders which causes delay in dealing with customers.

Some companies resort to using excel file to handle their processes, but the manual work takes up too much time for it to be worth its while. The human errors which can occur as a result can also chalk up heavy costs. All these offset the investment in a decent ERP system.

What If I Am Already Using An ERP?

If you are already using an ERP system, then know that Kingdee will take efficiency to another level. You will be able to ensure full integration of the easily scalable ERP system with the K/3 BOS, to enjoy an open technology system platform which can help to integrate and leverage all systems.

Kingdee Credentials

  • Awarded the Capital Outstanding ERP Solutions Provider Award to K/3 by Capital Magazine.
  • Won the SMB World Awards in 2013, for ERP Solutions. It is a magazine which is involved in supporting the business and technology requirements outlined by the Asian professionals working in the SMBs.
  • A special report released by IDC, namely the China Enterprise Application Software Market Analysis Report for 2012 actually listed Kingdee number 1 in the category of Market Share ERP Solutions To SMEs. The position was awarded to K/3 for winning remarkable performance in the industry for 9 consecutive years.
  • The China International Software Expo had Kingdee awarded in the category of ‘Top 10 Best Online Software Expo Innovation Award.’

If your company wants to realize its potential, then it is important to recognize the importance of ERP system tools for organizational processes. Kingdee offers the cross border and multilingual featured platform needed to ensure business growth on a local and international level.

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